bob 8

It was Wednesday morning and the activity team were setting up getting ready for another team building day to begin. The forecast was blue sky and plenty of hot sunshine; it did not disappoint.

Sat in the Barn waiting for the group to arrive we didn’t really know what to expect, Bobtails had booked us a number of months before with the strict instruction that the day had to centre around fun; this we could do. We had been told the group would be 14 women and one man, what we weren’t told was the level of enthusiasm and energy they would bring with them.

From the moment they walked through the door it was obvious the day was destined for a roller coaster ride of noisy fun filled with banter and energy. The brief was to have fun, the group had every intention of having just that; lots of fun and laughter. As the day progressed it became apparent this was all they needed because their friendship and support for each other shone through, which made our job all the more easier. The day ended with a short presentation of certificates a brief evaluation and lots of laughter.

The Lopwell Barn team would like to thank the Bobtails staff for a brilliant fun day and we look forward to seeing you again next year.

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